MG Run May 19th – Hilary and John


Brilliant Views at Clee Hill


Cambridge MGOC Hosting Day May 7th 2024

Phil’s Drive it Day, 21st April 2024


Line-up at Golf Club Start


Ludlow Brewery Coffee stop and some relaxing.


The good turnout of cars at the Lunch Stop car parks






Run and BBQ at Hillary and John’s  







Drive it day (Phil’s run)






Meeting at the Ludlow brewery                                                                                                                           Coffee and cakes





Ross run round the Brecon Beacons.

With visit to the Rhymney brewery and lunch at the Moon






It was a bit foggy on top




Mistletoe run December 2022 

Burford House 1st stop and Docklow pools.

(We can be different) brilliant dress up.



Thanks to Lin, Jen, Ed and Glyn for the booze, nosh and Mistletoe.

(Strictly non-alcoholic of course.)                        A very good turnout of members.


Autumn tints run Jeanette and Glen

Cadmore lakes hotel

Honest it was there when we started


Coffee and cakes Appletree kitchen



Air ambulance club meeting night      


At Burford wildlife park (not in correct date order)






Jim & Janes run to Garway common

At the golf club


In the shade for a picnic


Very hot so everyone in the shade at a lovely setting

Starting at the golf club


Annual BBQ at Hilary & John’s with pre run with Jen & Glyn 

We all needed shade as was very sunny and hot       






Lin & Ed 

Amestrey fete (round the ring)



Hilary and John’s run to the Elan Valley 

A good view                                                           Win & Henery on the rickety bridge                  view of the dam


A walk round the river (for some)                                       Some didn’t make it                                                       On one of the dams



In the shade                                                                Just how low the lakes are                                             Jen on the banks of the Elan    



At the start                                                                                 Coffee stop                                             On the banks of the Elan for picnic   




Drive it day with Worcester MG club





Bluebell Run 






Daffodil run round Dymock



AGM night with awards for Jen and Jinty



Joe and Mike’s Machynlleth run      




Severn Valley Railway 


Some old ones 

Brian and John Challis at the start of a Mountain & Valleys, Trevor at Gaydon with half a car and my old MGF




2022 annual dinner The Fisherman’s Arms Docklow pools 








Burghill Golf club 


Amestery fete 



A couple from Jane and Jim 




Mistletoe run 


A FOREST FORAY (First run after lockdown)




Golden Valley picnic (first meet after lockdown)







Guess who’s birthday this was (Happy birthday from us all) 

Brilliant cake Lin  














Made it                                                                                                                                                         












Spetchley gardens and run 






















Allensmore invited car gathering (all makes)












Kyre park first picnic and gettogether 






Lin wishes Ed would take the hint











John busy in lockdown  (look at the Dandelions on top)



Sid in lockdown (busy as usual)




Drive it day, or better named, Don’t Drive it Day   


















What we have all being doing over the lockdown 



Just to show we have been serious 

























Building maintenance, and playing (but not flying)





























Some of you even found time to carry out some major work




























Who is this ( Let me know your answers) 













And finally (well we have to rest sometimes )












Lin and Ed’s Many Mystery objects (That caught all of us out) Who’s ever heard of am plastic aid for putting bracelets on or a heliograph,

and I really thought the lamb bone had a purpose, Silly me.












 MG dinner new year bonnet parade  with Henry,(as usual)  telling the tallest tale.








































Club night making Christmas cards and the brilliant results  


















Visit to the recycling centre organised by Joe 

























Mike’s Birthday run















































Joe and Mike’s Stourport overnight stay
















Awaiting the punch line                                                Mother Christmas









Bottoms up                                                                        How will this work, It’s too long                        Oh look at that fish













Jen and Glyn’s South Shropshire Sunday run 


























John and Audrey Three Cocks Talgarth  













Shobdon food and flying festival











Aymestrey fate 



























Annual BBQ at Hilary & Johns and BBQ run 









































Hillary & Johns run               The golden valley


























Henrys Bluebell run 








Mike & Joe’s run to Usk 




Henry was on the wagon for the evening meal 









Drive-it Day 



Another of those noisy cars








Trevor had no breakfast again








I’m sure I was going the right way when we started 












Wake up run Dragons and Swans March 2019


















2019 AGM


Jim receives club gift made and presented by Trevor
Decanter award to Audrey and John for support to club and MG marque
Club award to Win and Henry for support to club










Club gift to chairman
Clubs gift to chairman












Mistletoe Run



Jo and Mike in New Zealand



To The Moon




Autumn Tints Run




Mike’s Birthday Run




Pershore Plum Fair 2018


August Club Run





Aymestrey Fete


BBQ 2018



Wake Up Run revisited 2018





Wye Wales Run 2018




Bluebell Run 2018




Drive it Day 2018






Annual General Meeting 2018



Christmas Meal 2017


Mistletoe Run


Autumn Tints



Needle Museum 17th September



Kentchurch, 13th August






A Diamond Couple


BBQ 2017




Bodenham village show 2017


Shobdon Food and Flying 2017



Drive it Day 2017



MG’s Spring into Somerset 2017



Wake up Run 2017